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Entry 1 – Back At It, Take 97

I call myself a blogger, and look here – not a single damn blog post to account for. I have a reason, though I don’t have an excuse.

I’m not going to get into every nitty-gritty detail about what led me to the decision to start from square zero, but just know that it wasn’t an easy choice.

I’ve been writing for quite some time now and as we all know it has its ups and downs. I’ve lived with existential crisis for the majority of my life, and being a new writer only amplifies that feeling ten-fold.

When I first started as a writer, a lowly newb on this adventure of a lifetime, I did research and then more research on how to be a writer, because you know – it must be more complex than just laying your thoughts out into proper sentence structure.

One thing that stood out above all else was the word “niche.” What? Isn’t writing a niche on its own? Well, my wonderful weirdos, evidently NOT. So then I really had to start thinking. What am I going to consistently write about on a weekly, biweekly, however-often basis?

There are two things aside from writing I’m passionate about: Crime and Hollywood, but not necessarily but of those together. I always wanted to be an actor and my novel is crime fiction. I write true crime articles all the time.

But even those things can’t be talked about on a frequent basis. Not enough so that I could produce a blog every week or so. Crime writing takes a lot of research and I can only say “I love Hollywood,” in so many different ways before we’re all just over it.

Anyway, I’ve gotten way off topic. I’m back, and here’s why – I’ve found my niche finally.

Transparency. Being my truth, living my honesty, and knowing my worth. That’s it. My mantra. My personal trifecta.

Not so long ago when I had to start over it had much to do with cancel culture, and I thought I’d been defeated.

I hadn’t. It gave me a new platform, a new realization. I can write my feelings and share them, and other people have related, and are relating, and I’m making some amazing friends on this new path already.

I have bipolar depression, OCD, PTSD, and anxiety. Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I’m most definitely not a beacon of joy.

If my calling is to share my true feelings and let people know it’s okay to be a roller coaster sometimes, then I’m proud of it and happy to be back with my own version of Mental Health Advocacy by being my truth.

I love you, my wonderful weirdos.